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Thank you for visiting my site and your interest in my passion!

For me it's all about love and light! I create with joy, energy, and passion. As long as I can remember I have loved color and creating art. Even as a child I was keenly aware of the healing effects of artwork. I use meditation and a spiritual connection to bring that healing energy into my art. I believe artwork created with a healing intention creates an environment of peace, joy and harmony wherever it is shown. I love the mystery, awe and magic in creating art. My art is a representation of my spirit. Like my spirit the art I create is diverse and unlimited in style and subject matter. Whether I am painting scenes from Monets Gardens, animals, flowers, abstracts, people and Soul Essence Images my intuitive, visionary, healing touch is embodied in every piece.

I relate to this quote from the photographer Rick Sammon "My specialty is not specializing, I like to do it all". Please linger and take a look at all my different work.

I also love photography and you can check it out at http://2-tara-moorman.artistwebsites.com ~Tara


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